Stress Less Strategy


What can we do with and about stress?

No 1 leaders in our field to:

  • Deal with stress, handle stress, cope with stress (best practices and policies)
  • Undo stress (our expertise and the best medicine for stress)
  • Relieve stress, release stress, reduce stress, minimize stress (superior products and services)
  • Remove stress, eradicate stress, eliminate stress as far as possible (prime processes)
  • Make stress work for you rather than against you (top winning tactic)
  • Pander to your inner lizard, if you know what’s good for you (foremost remedy).

Stress downward spiral

First of all we need to know that we are stressed.  What happens during our life is that we learn to cope with more and more stress. We get used to the stress, we become comfortable with the discomfort, and we learn to live with the symptoms, so we no longer recognize that it is not ideal, it becomes the ‘new’ normal. Our discomfort escalates, we get used to the dis-ease, it escalates some more and we get sick; minor irritations like hayfever, headaches, skin conditions or stomach upsets. They are soon over and we move on. But it’s not really over, is it?  It gets worse. We have more mishaps and accidents. We get more agitated, restless, or depressed.  We get sick more often, not always the same thing, the conditions vary… But then we start feeling more and more poorly, we go to the doctor, and get diagnosed with an illness which progresses into a full blown debilitating problem. Walk through any hospital and you will see what I am talking about. In some case medication, pills, operations and hospitalization works, other times it does not, and that’s that. All overs- cedovers.

For me the worst thing about getting sick is that you feel so terrible, your life shrinks to almost nothing when confined to your bed; it is limited to your ‘pain’, the four walls of your room, and how miserable you feel. Ucky poo! Not for me if I can help it. Not for all the attention, commiseration or sympathy in the world.

We need a cure for stress

What we need is to reverse the process, find an antidote and the means to fix what’s not working and do more of what is, but that needs a different way of being, and we have no time for that, not so.  If you look at the statistics on stress it is high time we made time for addressing this problem, it is of national, even global importance.  It does not only make sense on an individual, personal level, as well as a business and financial perspective, but also on a broader scale; especially from an economic and social point of view.

The prescription needs to deal with stress at the source, not at the symptomatic level,  because you can take out the offending body part, but if the mind, mindset, thoughts and habits remain the same, there is no way we can heal completely. We may get better, but something else is bound to go wrong.  There are no tablets to change our minds (there are tablets that do it chemically, but that’s not what I am talking about).  We have to learn to change our minds consciously and with consideration, call it ‘mindfulness’ if you wish.

vulnerablePart of finding a cure for our stress is identifying our stress triggers; our ‘tripper uppers’ – the stressors and stress factors that we see as threatening, to recognize our vulnerabilities and ‘soft spots’, our underbelly, and to change our strategy for dealing and coping with life and stress. We also have to close the tap on our ‘bad habits’ and ‘addictions’ that aggravate the situation.

Alleviate Stress

Part of the ‘therapy’ would be to have special tools, tips and techniques to reduce stress and relieve stress when and as you need to – whether it is an immediate Panacea or a long term remedial action or practice.  It would include a strategy to eliminate, eradicate, remove or minimize stress as far as possible. In my opinion living completely stress free is a pipe dream and not only not desirable or appropriate, but also not attainable (as long as you are alive). During your ‘rehabilitation’ you would also learn to ‘unplug’ in ways that are advantageous to your whole being and not hurtful, deleterious or dangerous to your body (like drugs, alcohol, smoking and so on).  Not only will you get the right medicine for your afflictions, but you will also know what process to follow to increase your energy and joy of life. You will learn to thrive.

Love the stress you have


Love stress!

Why would you love stress?  Stress is an enabler, if you manage it properly.  It creates focus, incentive, and provides the drive to make things happen. It provides excitement and stimulation if you can get your nervous butterflies to fly in formation. Stress can act as motivating factor when you have moderately challenging deadlines that are reachable and achievable with some effort, persistence and dedication. Imagine how much stronger, more empowered, able, and capable you will feel when you have mastered the stress beast and got it under control, when its roar has turned to a paltry mewl…….

Face your fears

The more you face your fears, the more you find that the things you feared aren’t as scary as you thought they would be. The more you do, the more able you feel and the more you trust yourself, the better your self-esteem. The more you shy away from your fears, the more they grow, the scarier they become, the longer you wait, the more stress it creates, and the less likely you are to do anything; – a vicious cycle indeed.

Denial is a dangerous game to play

The stress response has 3 options: fight, flight, and freeze. When you do either one or two, you are doing something. When you freeze; play dead (or are oblivious) you are more likely to land up in the maw of the beast. [Aside: – Reminds me of the joke about some guys going into lion country and the one guy asks the other ‘why are you putting your sneakers on’ and he said all he had to do was outrun the others.]

When you are in denial, you will not notice the early warning signs, you will ignore the symptoms of overload and burnout will creep up on you undetected. If you are oblivious, it is even worse, as the escalation will probably happen much quicker; the one minute you will think you are fine, the next moment you will be a goner.

Recharge your batteries

Pander to your inner lizard.  Do nothing but lie in the sun (with a hat and sunscreen of course, unless you want lizard skin too). Go for some pampering and TLC (tender loving care) or make time for ‘treats’ (not of the sugary kind unless you want to blimp out). Do things to top up your energy; take a break, have a holiday, have fun, play games, laugh from the pit of your stomach or till your cheeks hurt, skip, sing, take a stroll in nature, and smell the roses.

It is so much easier to face the music when you have created this kind of space.

Create your master stress less strategy

Stress less is an individual game. No one else can do it for you. With our expertise and your willingness we can put together a winning recipe with just enough of the right ingredients to make it easy to follow and execute, in order to guarantee your success.

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