Stress Free


Stress Free ? Stress Less? Stress-less?

Want to live a stress-free life

Stress free, a pipe dream?

Not so. We can all learn to handle stress better, release unwanted stress, minimise our stressors and increase our stress tolerance levels, but having a totally stress-free life is not desirable or advisable as we will probably kill ourselves in the process. In fact to live stress free is virtually impossible. When you are hungry or thirsty you have a certain amount of stress, if you are full you have some stress, if you are happy or sad there is stress, when you walk there is stress on your legs, your spine and muscles and after you have breathed in, a switchover needs to happen for you to breathe out so there is a tension that needs to be relieved. Everything has an opposite. Most of these conditions happen automatically and we take them for granted so do not even give them a passing thought.

However, to find ways to better deal with our stress is a very good idea. It would be even better to not get stressed by the ‘smaller things’. To de-stress easily and quickly, and learn to relax to prevent burnout or blow-out would obviously also be advantageous. Another way would be to reduce or eliminate the things that have a major negative impact on our lives, that is, if you haven’t got so used to them that you don’t realise to what extent they are freaking you out, or rationalise or make excuses for what is causing you pain and grief or what is making you sick. Maybe the thought of facing the real issues is intolerable, inconceivable, or unbearable, much better suppressed, denied, or avoided?

You can only do something about your stress levels if you acknowledge that you are stressed, and face the music…. not before.