Relieve Stress

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Release the pressure

Blow off steam              ….          before you           …..        explode

pressure cooker explode

Blow off steam to prevent burnout, illness and even death. Find appropriate ways to release the pressure. There are many ways to blow off steam and to relieve stress. You will find hundreds of books and websites that have a splendid range (panoply) of solutions like exercise, meditation, music, breathing techniques, and so on. The problem is that most of these palliatives are like putting on a band-aid when you need open heart surgery.

How many of us have tried some or all of these, expecting a positive result, and instead felt that we have again failed, when they don’t work. It’s not that it’s not good advice, but if not done in the right way and it’s not the right muti (medicine) for the right wrong, then you are wasting what little time you have at best, and may be aggravating the situation at worst (e.g. working out at the gym or mountain biking when you are already stretched too thin). It may be enough to push us over the edge.

You may find that allopathic remedies, when they work, also give symptomatic relief rather than dealing with the core issues. I am not saying people must chuck their pills, but it may need more than just that.

Get rid of stress

Treating stress symptom instead of the cause is a losing battle. What is required is a much more fundamental intervention to identify what is causing the most distress, and find ways to alleviate the pressure with a plan that is easy to implement and follow, that satisfies your unique situation and circumstances, and can fit in seamlessly with your desired lifestyle. It has to be an inside-out process for it to work properly in the long term.

 Ways to work with stress

Use stress to power or supercharge your activities:

  • Like an earth leakage system, make sure that if there is a surge there is a way to offload without damaging or compromising the system [BUILD RESILIENCE].
  • Like a capacitor, find ways to step down and reduce the excess stress to make it more manageable and usable [BECOME MORE HARDY].

 Want to get to the bottom of your own unique brand of stress?

Together we can model such a plan, and find ways to make it happen. (Together, because without your input it would be a one-size-fits-all solution and that would not speak to your individual needs and requirements.)
Preparation and prevention is better than cure. Together, we will create:

  • a plan, strategy and toolset to reduce your stress
  • tactics to bring more fun, pleasure and joy into your life
  • techniques to bring immediate relief, instant de-stress, and other relaxation techniques to relieve tension.
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