Prevent Stress


Stress Prevention is better than cure

Why do you need to prevent stress?

Absenteeism costs: It is estimated that a successful workplace program can decrease staff absenteeism by an average of 30-40%.

  • Cost of sick days – reduced by 30-40% = savings.
  • Successful workplace health program reduces illness by 10-25% = savings.

Presenteeism costs: Research shows that it is at least as much as the cost of absenteeism, so double up.

Turnover: It is estimated that the cost of replacing an employee is 75-150% of the employee’s salary.

You will be doing your staff, the environment, the government, and most of all yourself, a favour.

What does your lunchtime look like?

This                                                                  or                                                           this?

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Reduce your Psychosocial Stress impact

Get a stress audit and introduce stress prevention training programme at work.

  • Measure the impact psychosocial stress factors have on your organisation – ######## find out here
  • Want to know what stress is costing your organisation?  ##### find out here
  • Find out which aspects need to be considered if you want to calculate what stress in the workplace is costing you… ##### find out here