Manage Stress



Stress less or Stress-less

One of the most important things we have to deal with in our daily lives is managing our stress levels; – our sanity and that of our nearest and dearest depend on it.

Make stress work for you not against you!

swartberg-mountainsJust as we are all unique, so our stress tolerance and stress strategies also differ. While one person finds an extreme sport exciting, another thinks it’s madness; some people get high on bungy-jumping, others prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground. One person may thrive on the cut and thrust of business negotiations, but another may find them stressful and unpleasant. Meeting new people is stressful to some people, while others find it exciting and fun. Some people get along with everyone, others don’t, some seem to be sensitive souls, while others go through life like bulls in a china shop.

We all have different ways of interpreting, dealing with, and coping with stress. How we decide whether a situation is stressful, or not, differs enormously. There are people who love snakes, others get the heeby-jeebies at the thought of touching them and would probably do triple somersaults or back-flips to get out of the way if they came across one unexpectedly.

We each have a unique stress footprint

So there is no one-size-fits-all approach or solution to handle stress, relieve stress, or manage stress and distress. We need to look at your current stress factors and stress levels, your requirements, your challenges, your environment and your resources and abilities before we can create a unique Stress-less Strategy made specially for you.

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