Coping with stress


Don’t become a stress statistic

Not only are the hospitals full, but you see unhappy, worried, distraught faces in the streets, in passing cars, everywhere you go, maybe more often than you would like even in the mirror.

Move from #@*%! frantic, FRAZZLED and frayed … to … Fine … to … Cool, calm and collected

Stressed out of your mind? Coping beautifully?
frazzled relaxed face
Are you…..

Burnt out
Can’t cope
Freaking out
Worried sick

Living a life of strife, hardship and upheaval???

Would you love to be….


Would you love to live a harmonious life ???

How stressed are you?

How well are you coping really?

You might not even know how stressed you are or how close you are to breaking point, especially if you have what is termed a Type A personality. From the outside people with Type A personalities usually seem to be coping very well … until they break.

Find out what your stress levels are

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NOTE:  Most Type A personalities do not even realise how stressed they are.

Not all stress is bad

Find ways to make stress work for you rather than against you. By managing our stress we can have just enough stress to help motivate us into action and keep us focused. When we can get into the ’Zone’, we can use stress to help us be more efficient and effective, and help us get things done smartly with the minimum of effort and disruption. Getting into the Zone is a skill that can be learned. You can harness stress to fuel your passion, drive your ambition, and use it as a vehicle to fulfil your destiny. Channel it to propel you into an inspired and inspiring life.

Burnt out

Don’t care? Past the point of caring?  You definitely need help, the sooner the better….  Please don’t wait till it’s too late.  There is always a way out, even if it seems impossible, futile, you don’t have the energy, or you can’t see why you should.

Find out what the stress symptoms are that give you an early warning if something is out of whack, what the stress factors are that impact your stress quotient, how to manage stress, what your innate stress tolerance is, how to relieve stress, and find out whether being stress free is a pipe dream…

Check out the benefits of less stress.

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Get rid of Unhealthy stress, get out of burnout and leave distress behind.

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