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About Stressless-Clinic

Why me/us?

Sonja Wilker 2015 I have made it my business to find out what works, what sort of works, and what doesn’t.

I have also realised it doesn’t help to treat the symptoms without also treating the cause. Pills, potions and lotions can, and do help at times. However, if you want real change, a more radical change is needed; one that works from the inside out, rather than from the outside in.

I have found that lifestyle and mindset adjustment is much more effective in dealing with most of our afflictions.

We have a community of like-minded specialists, from various different fields, who have your best interest at heart and who can deal with special needs and requirements if necessary.

I have the t-shirt, the noddy-badge, the PhD; been there, done that.

Experience counts: I have made an intensive study of health and well-being for the best part of 40 years. After major mishaps I’ve had to deal with the accompanying stress. I have worked in the corporate environment in upper middle-management (in my day there was a ceiling for women in director’s posts). I have run my own business (solo-preneur and entrepreneur), helped in an NGO where you have to be able to do everything from admin to logistics, from fundraising to marketing, from training to finances, organising events, strategic planning, board secretary and much else in between.
I have been retrenched twice, gone on early retirement, backed the wrong horse (bad investments), lost most of my pension and had to start from scratch again, been divorced twice, had two long-term relationships, and a number of shorter ones (it does not mean there was anything wrong, just that I know what I want, and that was not it, so I moved on). As you can imagine, I have moved house many times. I have lived in most provinces of the country. I survived it all with most of my faculties and good humour intact. I believe I have come out the other side a better person.

But most of all, my passion is to improve well-ness on all levels; mind, body, and soul, and to help as many people achieve that as possible.Your success is my success.

What I am saying is that having worked my whole life – I know the stresses and strains one has to deal with to juggle a family, a business, job or career, social commitments, family obligations, and a life.

I know what it’s like to struggle with diets and yo-yo weight loss/ weight-gain. I understand the hormonal issues women go through during their lifetime, including menopause. My respective partners have gone through their own challenges including mid-life crisis, mano-pause or peno-pause as I have heard it called, and age related challenges like erectile dysfunction (ED) that have an extreme influence on a man’s self-esteem…  I have noticed how these abovementioned challenges (male and female) affected our dynamics and relationships.

Because I have made it my business to do so, I have found a number of essential and core ingredients that really make a difference in how good, successful, and accomplished you feel, how content and fulfilled you feel as a human being, and that help you live an inspiring and inspired life [my mission, my passion].

We will be sharing the ingredients and including the recipes to thrive in the workshops. It is much more than a cake you are creating. But let’s not leave it out in the rain… as the song goes. Don’t wait too long or it will spoil. Get out of the vicious cycle of stress and fatigue, stop anxiety and panic, and ditch your stress-triggers. Make yourself stress-proof, increase your energy, quit your worst habits, improve your mood, supercharge your resilience, and live the life you always dreamed of…

I know it sounds corny, but I mean it. ‘You deserve it!’ You really, really, really do!

See my website Sonja Wilker for more about me and the other workshops, courses and training I provide besides the Stress less training, products and services.

Sonja Wilker 2015           Let me show you how.