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Need to get relief from stress?

We provide special tools and techniques to deal with stress on all levels; from inside and out, from moment-to moment stress coping mechanisms to short, medium and long-term relief and release. Together we (recalibrate) tweak and adjust your stress strategy so that it works for you not against you… and in time we help you vaporize your stress spectres altogether

Stress in the workplace costs you more than you can imagine


When stress goes off the charts ROI goes down the tubes

  • Have a stress audit done to save yourself and your company a lot of money and headaches, especially in the long run.
  • Stress prevention training helps prevent stress and burnout, and reduces absenteeism, accidents, and other mishaps and challenges.
  • We provide a stress less manual to assist you with your stress-prevention strategy and implementation plan for you; the individual and the business.
  • You can also opt for a guide to help tailor your stress-less solutions and interventions.
  • We can provide assistance in the form of stress buster coach to help with the implementation and monitoring of your day-to-day stress-less activities until you can fly solo.
  • Use our knowledge management system to record your indices and give you up-to-date reports or let us help you devise a decision support system of your own.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your business with regular statistics reporting on absenteeism, accidents, and other stress indicators and factors.
  • We have a list of support personnel and services we can recommend to help heal relationships and become better communicators, to teach organisational skills, do training, provide counselling where needed, help with HR (Human Resource/Staff) challenges, and other issues.

What is your pain?

Stress prevention is better than Cure


The greater the stress in your life, the more everything else goes to pot… and down the tubes

  • Stress costs us money, energy, resources, and time – much more than we realize.
  • Stress is not as obvious as you may think. Do you know to what extent the dirty deeds are going on underground, without your knowledge.  This unconscious stress is the most invasive and pervasive kind, the least likely to be recognized or dealt with in our private lives and in business.
  • The consequences of stress ripple out further than you can imagine. People may think they are coping, but have no inkling how it impacts on relationships, wellbeing and future health. It’s not like getting pregnant; in most cases you will have a baby in 9 months time. The problem with stress is that there is not necessarily a direct correlation between cause and effect; you may feel a bit agitated or depressed now and have a heart attack in x no of years, or cancer, dementia, diabetes, ulcers, irritable bowels, or other stress-related problems that restrict your quality of life. A small pain now is likely to develop into a huge pain later.
  • The problem is that stress comes in all kinds of guises; environmental, physical, nutritional, relational, and social stressors, as well as bad habits, addictions, negative attitudes, debilitating or limiting thoughts, and other mental aberrations.
  • We might also think that the slight symptoms we have are mere irritations, but if un-attended or untreated can lead to full blown burnout.

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Prevent Stress in the workplace by implementing a Staff stress prevention training programme.

Check the implications of stress at work, see what the benefits of relieving stress are, which stress factors contribute to burnout, stress symptoms and signs to look out for early warning signs of distress, identify the levels of stress on the continuum from optimum stress to ‘bad’ stress,  find out how stressors impact us on all levels from individual to environment, and how to manage stresshandle stress and cope better with stress in order to reduce stress and become stress free.